Frequently Asked Questions

What meat does your ramen contain?

Our tonkotsu ramen is prepared with pork broth and served with pork chashu. Miso ramen contains a combination of chicken and pork broth, which comes with grilled pork chashu meat. Our vegetable ramen contains no meat; it is a pure vegetable broth, and served with tofu as the protein. You can add crispy chicken on the side to any of our ramen for an upcharge.

What is Tonkotsu?

Glad you asked! Tonkotsu is a pork bone broth; it is made from premium Berkshire pork. It is also our signature broth, the base for almost all of our ramen.

What protein do you offer?

All of our ramen except the vegetable ramen is served with slices of grilled pork chashu. You can substitute the pork with crispy chicken if you’d like. Our vegetable ramen is served with tofu!

What is the stir-fry?

Despite how appealing it is, the stir fry is not a specific dish at PORA. We add stir-fried vegetables to our Miso ramen to add a char-grilled taste. If you want to try the stir fry, order our speciality Miso ramen (or get it spicy).

Are there any added sugars in your drinks?

No, all of our drinks are generally sweetened due to the ingredients so we do not add additional sugar. We cannot reduce the sweetness of the drinks due to pre-made ingredients.

How long does the food take? 

It depends on the dishes and the time of the week. Tonkotsu is our quickest ramen, and Miso is the longest, as the vegetables in the miso must be stir fried for the broth. We are busiest on Saturday afternoons. Usually an order takes 6-8 minutes, but on Saturdays it takes about 12-15 minutes when busy.

When do you stop taking orders?

We serve everything on our menu until 20 minutes before the mall closes. We serve ramen up until 5 minutes prior to closing.

Where do I order?

You can order ramen and boba drinks from our cashiers at the front counter or the two self-checkout kiosks off to the side. If you are unsure what to order, we highly recommend ordering with our cashiers up front, who are knowledgeable about our menu selection.

What’s good for kids?

Picky eaters? No problem! Our ramen is made to order. A popular option is the noodles and broth of veggie ramen with our original crispy chicken instead of pork. Other than ramen, we recommend Korean fried chicken, which is similar to chicken tenders.

What are your vegan/gluten-free options?

We have vegan-friendly, vegetable dumplings! Our vegetable ramen is vegetarian-friendly, but our noodles are prepared with egg. Unfortunately, all of our menu items are prepared with gluten.